We are the Leading Network of Remodeling Contractors, that includes Construction Contractors, House Painting Contractors, Appliance Repair Services,  Siding Contractors, Solar Power and more.

Brilliant Contractors network of appliance repair experts specialize in the repair of your Home Appliances in a cost effective and expeditious manner. Schedule an appointment today with Brilliant Contractors for a specialist contractor in home appliance repair services. Often, your broken appliance may have a lot more lifetime of use remaining, just from replacing one small, failed internal component, rather than replacing the entire appliance.

Appliance Repair

Window Installations

The network of experts at Brilliant Contractors are available to make your home or business window replacement the Best House Enhancement Project that it can possibly be. Every residence is unique. Working with a contractor that has extensive experience with the various window sizes and shapes that may work for you is critical to a perfectly completed project. Expert finish work yields an installation that looks like that window has been there all along. The expert installers in our network of contractors complete your new window installations in such a way that you are proud of the appearance when they are done. Ask for a free in-home appointment today to get going on your window replacement project!

Bathroom Remodeling

Is your home deperately in need of some bathroom remodeling? Allow an expert contractor in our network of professionals to deliver Washroom Remodels suggestions with a referral from Brilliant Contractors. Whether you are searching for a new bathroom vanity, shower, bathroom flooring or bathtub upgrades for an outdated space, start with some creative ideas for Master Shower Rooms, guest bathrooms, and utility washrooms by calling us today.

Kitchen Remodeling

If you are looking for exceptional kitchen remodeling ideas, consult a premium contractor through Brilliant Contractors. Offering Contrasting Kitchen Cabinetry for either contemporary or retro kitchen designs, you may want to consider granite countertops, available in many colors and in any shape desired. Many within our network of kithen remodeling contractors have showrooms to browse, and numerous photographs of completed projects for you to peruse for a plethora of ideas to choose from. Even the slightest Kitchen Remodeling changes, when designed by an expert, can alter the appearance of your kitchen immensely.

Kitchen Remodeling

Landscaping & Lawn Care

The network of Landscape and Lawn Care experts at Brilliant Contractors can transform your property's appearance in only days, as well as regular weekly maintenance programs with Fully Uniformed Professionalism. Offering a solution with a smile is very important to us. Our contractors drive clean, Top Quality Vehicles. Whether it's a full landscape transformation, initial design and installation, large commercial properties requiring daily trimming and attention due to the size of the property, or just a small backyard; Brilliant Contractors has the RIGHT contractor for your property or project.

Siding Contractors

Many factors must be considered when choosing home siding products for your residence or business. At Brilliant Contractors, our network of resurfacing home-siding experts take great satisfaction by offering the best Quality Replacement Exterior Siding available, to invigorate the look of your home or business building. Our exterior siding contractor services offer an exceptional makeover experience that revolves around listening to your preferences attentively, then supplying the top quality products that complete your project just exactly the way that you envisioned.

Solar Power Installation

The network of SOLAR POWER contractors available through Brilliant Contractors can easily engineer your system in such a way that it produces the maximun amount of electricity possible. Brilliant Contractors will definitely direct you to the top SOLAR POWER contractor in your area. All necessary safety precautions are taken throughout your installation to protect everyone on-site, whether residential or commercial. Solar Installations typically require the power to be shut down for about 1-3 hours when completing the installation to on-line status.

Solar Installation

Professional Painters

Among the fastest, most effective ways to personalize your home is with a beautiful new paint job. Intense, muted, happy, or stylish for whatever your mood, individuality, or choice might be, there's a paint color to match! Brilliant Contractors painting contractors focus on making homes feel like houses with exterior and Interior Home Paint Services. If you want to transform your residence, it's time to get in touch with Brilliant Contractors. Call 877-351-0955 to set up an appointment TODAY.

House Cleaning

Your house is more than just a house, it's your refuge. Your house is a space where you can loosen up, relax, as well as hang out doing all of the things you like. At Brilliant Contractors, our home and business cleaning contractors are available for any routine (daily or weekly cleaning), or one-time cleaning projects that you may have a need for. From day-to-day housekeeping to routine cleanings as well as seasonal solutions, our Professional Staff Member contractors can help you with sensible and timely solutions.